Thursday, July 28, 2011

Angela Merkel, Cabral y los Mestizos

According to some talking heads multiculturalism (whatever that means or ask Angela Merkel, she claims to have the answer) does not work; and monoculturalism is only possible in the Amazonian hinterlands, then, what are we left with? Cultural hybridism?

Those of us who were born out of the coming together of different cultures and races and are not doing that bad can serve as evidence that cultural hybridism results in good stock. That’s right! But cultural hybridism results from multiculturalism, so what is so scary to Merkel? The mestizaje? Oh, dear!

Good and happy mestizos of the world, unite, before it is too late and Angelita and her neo Aryans erase us from history books.

The public discourse in this country is so frightening and inflammatory that it scares the hell out of anyone who looks or thinks outside of their limited version of what the country and its people must be or should look like.

There is the TV personality who said that the kids killed in Norway were the equivalent to the youth groups formed by Hitler. And it gets scarier to know that there are people out there who think like him and who truly believe such incomprehensible comparison to be true. And, worse, there are those who believe that if you are somewhat different, you are their enemy and must be eliminated. Scary, indeed!

But as Cabral used to sing, “pobrecito mi patrón, piensa que el pobre soy yo”.

Once more: Good and happy mestizos of the world, unite, before it is too late and Angelita, la euro-cristiana, erase us from history books.

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