Friday, July 1, 2011

Qola Warni

Andean spirits do not cry when weak foreign souls are gone
Aysiri, el gringo compadre achakiy de Peru a Nueva York
Compadre, para ser compadre, el condor vuelve del vuelo
Delfos lied to Alexander and led him to death without love
Never seeing the condor, Alexander forgot
The returning road, Machu Pichu aynanakuy, el gringo compadre,
The condos never flew, compadre the condor is gone
Achachi cleansing stories were heard not by northern souls, lost
Stories told by low level scavengers follow distorted roads
El gringo compadre como Bob Dylan nos vende sus cuentos, de lejos,
Foreign qola warmi spirits wander over the Andes
Flying alone looking for the aysiri, compadre,
On the self pleasing road, compadre, no, no.
The condor is gone.

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