Friday, July 8, 2011

El Bully Gringo

"Shut up", he said.

There is nothing more annoying to a straight man than an inquisitive queen, more so if the queen is questioning the man’s intentions, motives, and faux sense of self. And if this man is a “white” man who is known to bully his way around and the queen is a “Rican” with an accent , oh dear, the situation can be a disaster. All the man can do is scream, “shut up", and challenge with his outburst the annoying queen to a physical fight.

To be bullied at the age of fifty five is not to be expected, much less if you are bullied at an urban university in New York City by a colleague.

To be bullied by a straight man who claims to be a leftist concerned with the plights of Mexican indigenous peoples in a supposedly very progressive program is beyond comprehension.

To be bullied and challenged by a member of the colonizing nation, a white American male, is never a pleasant or an easy to forget experience, much less if you are obviously smaller and not inclined to violence.

To be bullied in front of other Puerto Ricans and for them to justify his actions is to promote those attitudes and beliefs that big white hopes can scold little brown people.

To be bullied by a member of the colonial power forces you to reflect on colonials, colonialism and power structures.

"Shut up", he said, and the queen rather than fall into the hetero perspective of fight, fight, fight, as it is expected of two men, decided to use a gender fucking approach: took his notebooks, papers and carried them not like a straight man but in a gender fucking way, holding them with both arms against the chest. And then the queen got up, looked very offended, dignified, stared directly into the fiery man’s face and said, “thank you very much”, and left.

Later on, the whole situation was dramtized for the close knit group of gay friends (obviously your progressive straight minority colleagues would not understand) in full knowledge that your Latino LBGT gender fucking peers were going to say: "you go girl, no dejes que ningún gringo pendejo te venga a fastidiar”.

"Shut up", he said.

Thank you very much, also to the very progressive and inclusive minority straight educators and colleagues....

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