Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pobrecito mi patrón, piensa que el pobre soy yo

The enclosed article led me to recall the following anecdote: A few years ago, a top student in her public school in New York City was told by her high school counselor not to apply to colleges and instead try to study secretarial skills. When she told my friends, her mother, a university professor, and father, a lawyer, the only explanation they found to such ridiculous advice was the fact that they were Puerto Ricans.

In some distorted way, not only a simplistic view of poverty is held to judge people with limited economic resources, but it has been used to categorize whole communities even when many of their members are not poor.

Y recuerdo la voz de Cabral, "Pobrecito mi patrón, piensa que el pobre soy yo."

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