Thursday, August 30, 2012

CCNY and the blogger

"To describe and reflect upon the personal experience within the context of an educational institution is to study and evaluate the implementation of educational ideas, methods and procedures.  It is only through the documentation of personal anecdotes, case studies, that possibilities,  contradictions can be revealed, studied, and evaluated for further educational planning and change." (Notas de un investigador. Manuscrito #11, 2012)

"At the CCNY School of Education it was quite clear that a significant group of so called multicultural, progressive educators were only progressive when it came to talk, talk, and talk. As previously documented on this blog, their actions were far from inclusive and, quite often, betrayed their own ideas. From Piagetian to Skinnerian in seconds: case study on contradictions, traditions.". (Notas de un investigador. Manuscrito #12, 2012

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