Thursday, November 1, 2012

Letter from the view of the 125th Street Station

Ok! A sophisticated, cultured, elegant man of the world should not be missing the subway, but I did. It is a rather corny sensation to miss the NYC subway with its sounds, rats on the tracks and all kind of characters riding it, expressing behaviors and attitudes that a man of my class should not face, but I did. It was/is my waking up sound as it leaves the tunnel and stops at the Morningside Heights/Harlem station that faces the Hudson. Yes, the Hudson River. If you live and love NYC you know the river as just the Hudson; and if you live in the City, as Manhattan is known by the people in the other boroughs, you would call the people who live across as “the bridge and tunnel crowd”, as well as naming some women who live across its bay as “Flatbush beauties”. And yes, I am glad the subway is back giving life to NYC, waking me up, proving multiculturalism is a wonderful way of life - contrary to all the fundamentalists of all kinds arguing against it and even killing people to prove their point. And I can see it from my window, though I rarely ride it nowadays since my life around the Heights in Harlem is exciting enough to just be pleased with the view and sounds of the NYC subway as it enters and leaves the station facing the mythic river, the bridge and tunnel crowd, and, well, good old New York. Yes, the subway is back.   


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