Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chatting with Auntie

After spending so many years here and there over there, I now travel in virtual space, chatting with my friends, my techie friends all over the world, and waiting, waiting, waiting for them to chat our days away, away from everything else, old age included, to let lose our desires to share and dare to criticize, build up, write about ideas with Auntie, my nick, one of many I use every day, in that space, virtual space.

So many languages to learn in order to visit so many places and be required to speak in a second and third and a fourth dialect, as languages they are not says my friend the linguist, nicked Theworm, writing in one while using another nick, Queiyun, to communicate with the box and its internal wirings and routes, forcing the chatter to operate in more than one space at any given time and to resort to more than one name to avoid being judged on the name and nothing else.

Some of my techie relatives know I am an old man, and do not care or judge me for calling myself Auntie at a particular place, virtual space, since it is not about me when I chat with them, as dancing chips engage literary nieces and nephews, passionate about the written word, they/we engage in conversations about politics and arts and everything else, so they claim, to  findd out that in order to play, disguised  identities become virtual drag queens in bites and chips performing for the world.

Metamorphosis brings me to another space in the Spanish paper where Juruntungo rules, alter ego of someone who goes where his vote will not, Jurutungo chats in spaces where  ideas on politics and the colonial status of countries around the world is the tour de force, and he/she/we are the happiest when arguing against the lady nicked Jezabelle, and her unconditional support of everything American at the expense of everybody else, though Jurutungo and Jezzabelle are known as J & J  inside their chatters’ worlds, and they do not visit many of them, unless taken there by forces beyond their control or their faith.

Yes, yes, I am also Jezabelle, a different kind of aunt, listing the pros and cons of life in the hinterlands, chatting about countries not yet appearing in an atlas map, viaitng geoghraphies where she/he/we have never been, never planing to plant her/his/thier feet since for Jezabelle life in those places is so depressing, and backwards, and underdeveloped, and so absence of culture, inhospitable for a lady of my/her/his their status and class, well dressed, who loves croissants and Gallic culture, canard a la orange and eggs a la bourgeois, foods that the defender of the proletariat.

Jurutungo does not appreciate or agree with Jezabelle; and since he/she/we does/do not know how he/she/whatever, Jezabelle got there, Jurutungo stays quiet when Jezabelle enters into the virtual space, and only follow the interactions between the chatters engaged in ethnic politics in a radical paper that never saw a mill, such is life in virtual life, immaterial at its best.

You.S.A opposes the alter ego of Amelatinfrom, ethnocentrics, both of them, arguing each other to death of space as many times the server allow us/them to chat without a stop, often forcing us/them to visit other places where if the true identity is revealed one will never be invited to participate, yet thru clandestine ways he/she/we enter(s) into forbidden places, to be blocked once the IPI is revealed and disgraced.

How pleasurable is to be both You.S.A and Amelatinfrom, and thanks to faster chips be able to travel from page to page, never breaking the basic moral question asked by Ethicsbaboon with regards to what to say at a particular place or how many routes to take and not hurt the systems electronic vibrations or to force the collapse of the amorphous collective space is the question placed by Dish/re/Garde.

Dis/re/Garde questions and rarely provides answers except when suggesting roads to take, virtual roads on the way to expansion and clarification and what to do when uncalled nicks or sparking bits brings you to an unwanted space:

- First: check who is there, read and agree, or read and disagree.

- Second: delete or escape or simply join and instigate.

- Third: Go back to the original anf final space ad the ideas are one and all are the same.

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