Saturday, March 2, 2013

Developmental (Piagetian Gay) Stages (New York, 1975)

      Pre operational
Hi, sissy boy, hi, fly and fly
Peacock feathers are for you
Play with clouds, fly sissy boy, fly.
Hello, Boy Scout, let’s be friends
Chief leader of the pack
You had them by their balls
They had you by your flag
Let’s be friends. Kiss my ass.
No feelings are allowed on graduation day
Men don’t cry as they never learned to be gay
Basal readers are very straight.

Ninety six and Broadway, down the IRT line
Toilets ought we see, men toilets
A few dollars each, and get off at eighty six.

Last night you kissed me, hugged me
But never found out, asleep
We both were, someplace else
On somebody’s tit, a mastodon’s tit.

Today  the pain was back
Dressed up in reverse
Brought in decades ago.


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