Saturday, October 12, 2013

Letter to my friend and adopted son

October 12, 2013

Letter to my friend and adopted son,

Have you found your voice?

As yours might sound like your mother’s voice, the disappeared voice of your father, or the voices of the many lovers who went in and out of your loving soul, you already know your voice is someplace else.

Have you looked into your children’s questions, their laughs and tears?

Your voice can be with them, hidden in their chests, underneath the rug where the acrobat boy hides before he jumps from the table onto the sofa, the floor and the sofa again; perhaps, in the girl’s smile and straight-back walk, her proud walk, as she eats all the fruits while holding her dolls, crying out of control or simply asking you to hold her tight, strawberry in hand, then dropping reddish juice on your old shirt.

Your voice is someplace. All you need to do is search while running after the son and kissing your little girl

I also once lost my voice, and found it someplace near Quebec.


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