Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The blue boy is the daughter of the Argonauts

“I’m walking on the beach in a howling gale –
Another year is passing
In the roaring waters
I hear the voices of dead friends
Love is life that lasts forever” (Derek Jarman, Blue)

My friend is old but not as old as me. He has almond eyes; one of mine is as blind as Derek Jarman’s eyes in his blue films and book, Blue. My blue is the last stage of sight. My friend’s blue comes from the sea.

My friend was named after a myth, a boy with a girl’s name. The daughter of Triton and Athena is now becoming his own myth, as he abstracts not only himself, but also space and time in reverse.
When we talk he places me everywhere or if not, he would ask me if I am in New York, San Juan or Montreal, in all three places at once. Where are you now, he always asks.  

Today’s date is not longer important, yet he asks many times during the same conversation, what day is today?  What is the difference between yesterday or tomorrow, morning or night?
I love my friend and to see him go into a different life realm makes me feel sad but protected as well. He is helping me with the road: if I go the same way, he has shown me how to walk a certain life’s path.

I miss his world, freedom, company, brains, humor and joy of life. It seems as if he does not know, but I hope that he does; that he knows how grateful I am for his kindness, to have walked with me; showing me the easiness of the life-long road.
I hope that he knows that I would rather be the one showing him where to walk while abstracting and reversing space and time.

The daughter in the myth is now a boy. The blue of his sea and the blue in my eye bring us together in space and time; and he is my friend.

“Ages and Aeons quit the room
Exploding into timelessness
No entrances or exits now” (Derek Jarman, Blue)

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