Monday, July 7, 2014

American Exceptionalism and the Education of the Puerto Rican

In order to understand this body of ideas and consequences, please refer yourself to several archetypes. Although not exclusively, some of these characters are: the "independentistas" who sent their children to English only schools run by American educators; the "pitiyankis" who send their children to "escuelas públicas" where very little English is being taught; the USA suburban middle class woman/man who uses her/his Puerto Rican ancestry as a tool to classify herself/himself  like an outfit, or in order to react to the perceived significant other. You can use actual subjects or representations in the visual arts. poetry, narratives, theater, essays and academic treatises. The central question must remain: how is American Exceptionalism being transmitted to or expressed thru the Puerto Rican personae? (It must be remembered that one does not have to agree as to who is or who is not a Puerto Rican; que ese tema es un avispero)

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