Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams, la depresión, el suicidio RIP/QDEP

Y cuando crees que te has alejado de ella, se acerca, te encuentra, se mete por dentro, te azuza. Se repite. 

La repiten otros, con sus chistes, te arrinconan, te avergüenzan, te señalan. Desapareces.


Comentarios muy acertados para los que no la entienden

Liz Harper
As someone who deals with severe depression, I do not think most people understand that it has nothing to do with your success or security. It is chemical and usually has a component of low self esteem buried below the surface just waiting for you to get hungry, alone, lonely or tired. Lack of sleep can trigger it. We are soulful but oh so fragile. The humor makes us appear stronger than we actually are. Alcohol and drugs make it worse even though people self-medicate with them. That dance of fire between the depression and the creativity is a dangerous one and most of us get to close to the fire.
3 hours ago

Maureen Heisner Boyd
Liz that is a very good explanation of this debilitating disease. Just as people who lose "their sense of taste", those suffering with severe depression lose their ability to feel joy, no matter how much in their life might be joyous.
3 hours ago

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