Saturday, November 7, 2015

Morningside Heights' racism and the continuum

The new neighbor stopped me three times on my hallway to ask me if I live here. I answered politely the first time since I thought she was being neighborly and was going to introduce herself. She did not. I was abrupt the second time: "Yes I do" and kept walking. When she was going to ask me again the third time I gave her the most violent look I could come up with and she realized she was going to create a public problem, and that she was going to hear me loud and vulgar. She kept walking and stood by her door looking at me until I went into my apartment. Now she says hello to me like nothing happened and expects me to be friendly. Sorry, but there is a continuum between her and the KKK. She does not realize it since she is a white liberal feminist who cares so much for her community that she must protect it against Puerto Rican males with foreign accents, unless they clean the floors.

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