Friday, December 18, 2015

Multiculturalisms is the enemy

People of the world, stop fucking and enjoying each other's bodies, clothes, odors, palates, tongues, words, lots of words that speak of the multiple ways of knowing, caring, touching, seeing, moving.

People of the world, stop singing, dancing. living next to each  other, and become one just one like me: Angela Merkel, standing on the podium telling you, "People of the world, I am your savior, on the name of the Father, the Holy Spirit, the Son, only one son, one spirit, one father". Just one. No multi-cultis, please. 

(Even with all the painful history behind it, I am still glad the Africans, Arawaks, Arabians, Europeans did not have to listen to Angelita because, otherwise, I, the darkie from the Caribbean, would not be here, eating a falafel in the "jala jala" shop owned by an Egyptian who always says to me in Caribbean Spanish learned in a NYC barrio, ¿Cõmo "ejtá" señor?)

People of the worlds, you make the words and the words became human. 

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