Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dolce and Gabanna, Constantine's mother, la Flavia Julia Helena, and fashion's political statements

If Dolce and Gabanna are helping to dismantle fixed values on dresses and scarfs, Constantine's mother, la Flavia Julia Helena, began the Christian tradition of adoring artifacts, a practice unquestioned for over a thousand years, and is still being used by the Catholic church and others to control minds and commerce.

"Saint Helena or Saint Helen (Latin: Flavia Iulia Helena Augusta; c. 250 – c. 330) was the consort of the Roman emperor Constantius Chlorus and the mother of the emperor Constantine the Great. She is an important figure in the history of Christianity and the world due to her major influence on her son and her own contributions in placing Christianity at the heart of Western Civilization. She is traditionally credited with a pilgrimage to Syria Palaestina, during which she is claimed to have discovered the True Cross."*


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