Sunday, March 6, 2016


To hear racist comments, -yes, racist, dressed-up as "sociological constructs"-, to see how certain Latinos use the unbearable lightness of being lived by Puerto Ricans when we interact  with members of the colonizing society, as they play a very opportunistic role in such interactions, in order for them to gain access to higher positions in the academic hierarchy; to see how gradually Puerto Rican students and faculty disappear from a program instituted and originally developed by Puerto Ricans; to experience the most disrespectful dismissal of your authority by a white multicultural colleague -in conjunction with a Latina in another institution-, when  blatantly and without shame your students are told not to go to your classes but to attend a conference given by some European intellectual (this episode was the most revealing act of racist micro psychological violence I experience in many years at CCNY by people "committed" to bilingual and multicultural education, really!); to see how the most committed and highly prepared Puerto Rican professor with decades of experience is denied tenure, to be replaced by a white professor with little experience in the field, is enough material to question the true commitment of the institution and its bilingual education program claiming to also serve the Puerto Rican community, that is obviously inot the same as a community of immigrants. No, CCNY's Bilingual Education might not be practicing what it clams to be doing. Further research and evaluation is necessary. (If my written English is influenced by my Spanish, don't panic, it goes both ways)

*(Nota al calce sin número) Profesores bilingūes que juran ser críticos pero se comportan como positivistas, y no distinguen entre una escuela teórica y otra, ni tampoco saben qué función juéga cuál, dónde, cómo y cuándo (para un próximo capítulo)

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