Friday, March 11, 2016


The Colombian waiter became stiff and haughty when he heard the customer talking to him in Spanish with a Puerto Rican accent, and answered in heavily accented English. The Mexican waitress was very rude to the black couple eating in the restaurant in Morningside Heights, NYC. .When dealing with white people they were very "serviciales".

Trump brought out the racism that was latent among many white Americans. What Trump does not explain is Latino's own racism. And like a great deal of micro-violence behaviors, your tone and attitude when dealing with African Americans or with some other selected Latino groups serve as evidence that you also believe in Trump's ideas. If you do not like Blacks or Puerto Ricans, then stay away from working in NYC restaurants or in any other servicing industry, unless you are willing to treat us with equal doses of respect. Do not assume trumpian attitudes when you hear Puerto Rican Spanish or when you have to serve black people. If the Puerto Rican accent bothers you or if the color of the skin bothers you, then go and do some other type of work where your inner Trump can be controlled and do not affect other people's lives. Use this opportunity to reflect upon you own values when it come to other racial, ethnic or linguistic groups.

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