Friday, May 13, 2016

The removal, transfer and indoctrination of Puerto Rican Children by the USA Military (a work in progress)

"Juan José Osuna arrived at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School (CIIS) in Carlisle, Pennsylvania at six o'clock on the morning of May 2, 1901. He was fifteen years old, stood four feet six inches in height, and weighed just 80 pounds. Osuna, who would become a noted Puerto Rican educator, wrote of his arrival at Carlisle:

'We looked at the windows of the buildings, and very peculiar-looking faces peered out at us. We had never seen such people before. The buildings seemed full of them. Behold, we had arrived at the Carlisle Indian School! The United States of America, our new rulers, thought that the people of Puerto Rico were Indians; hence they should be sent to an Indian school, and Carlisle happened to be the nearest.[ii]'."

*Pablo Navarro-Rivera[i]. "Acculturation Under Duress: The Puerto Rican Experience at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School 1898-1918".

¿Cuántos niños y niñas fueron sacados de PR para ser re-educados de acuerdo a los mores protestantes de la gran narrativa estadounidense -"individualism, exceptionalism and manifest destiny"-, inyectados con el orgullo nacional? Y no se salva nadie, desde la izquierda hasta la derecha de los USA . Que "...usa te usa..." , escribió Nicanor Parra.

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