Saturday, August 6, 2016

CCNY: The Puerto Ricans in NYC, Education and Decolonization

At CCNY the Puerto Ricans who understood the ideas discussed in the attached link, and included them in their discussions and courses' content were not given tenure or had to act like the typical colonized-conformist-opportunist Puerto Rican educator. O te callas o te botan. ¡Qué viva la Junta! No la de Argentina; la de Pelosi, Obama, Ryan, McCain y Hillary en PR. 

Thanks, to my colleagues Lillian Weber and Jim Neujahr for making sure I was not kicked out also.... and others tried..... The Workshop Center not only provided a context, it acted politically also when there was the need. And then it became a personal science classroom, elegant and "calmadito, una hipótesis por aquí y una hipótesis por allá." So the issue of colonization went the same way of opening education, away from the School of Education at CCNY. 

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