Monday, July 2, 2018


On his book Brief Lifes John Aubrey tells the story of the arrogant, obnoxious and extravagant Eduard de Vere, count of Oxford (1550-1604), and his embarrassment after farting when bowing to Queen Elizabeth. His sense of shame was such that he decided to exile himself to Italy where he spent seven years of his life. After returning to England and visiting the Queen, she remarked to him that his absence from the Court was so long that she had forgotten his gastric problems. No one is free from other peoples’ memories, nor from the possibilities of your body fluids betraying your status or sense of self. No ego trip can save you from the brain or biological processes. Be careful as to how you view the “significant” other, you might have to use his/her toilet, and he/she will certainly not forget. 

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